Genesis 2.0 Beta Now Out

We are very pleased to announce that Genesis 2.0 Beta is now available!

Genesis 2.0 Beta

Brand New Design

Genesis is sporting a fresh new look.

We’ve taken advantage of the new HTML5 markup, as well as some snazzy CSS3, and we think you’re gonna love this.

HTML5 Markup

Genesis has always been on the cutting edge of web technology, and Genesis 2.0 continues in that excellent tradition.

With a single line of code in a child theme, Genesis will now output HTML5 markup in place of the old XHTML tags. Also, every theme we build in the future will be developed on HTML5.

Read more about the release over @ StudioPress !!!

Google Product Search is now Paid Google Product Search

Google Product SearchLast week the Wall Street Journal reported last week, that Google will be charging online retailers in a bid auction style to display their feed within the Google Product Search.

Let’s face it, Google is the largest Search Engine in the world and owns 60% + of the worlds search traffic. They have proven the Pay Per Click Search model, time to move on to bigger fish – The Pay Per Click Shopping Model!

Online retailers will now have to bid to display their products on Google’s Shopping site. Currently, retailers include their products for free by providing Google with certain data about the products. Google then ranks those products, such as cameras, by popularity and price. is the worlds largest online retailer and they don’t charge to display shopping feeds however they do take a % of the sale! How is this differnt to google charging per click? Amazon’s Model is a Performance Model and thats the MAJOR Difference, you don’t pay unless your product sells!

I’m sure this will affect Google Product Search, the question is how. What do you think?